Imagine that you are sitting in a concert-hall enjoying one of your favorite piano-concertos. The sound is great. Only the view could be better: Pity that I can’t see the pianist’s hands and his face, the conductor and the concert-master.

A new app developed in Poland offers now a solution. The concertgoer can look at what happens on stage with the help of camera’s that are installed within the orchestra. The concertgoer himself can choose which camera (s) he would like to follow.

I can imagine that this app will become a standard in many concert-halls in the years to come. Because it leaves the advantages of the traditional concert intact for 100% and adds the visual layer that many people want (and expect) in the 21st century in a very smart way.

After first trials in Poland the Basel Sinfonietta from Switzerland has used the app for their opening concert on September 16. It will again be used by the Basel Sinfonietta on October 16 – for those of you who are near and would like to get that experience live.

The onstage app has been developed by the Julian Cochran Foundation,  “a group of experts and enthusiasts with vast experience in managing international cultural events. The Foundation aims to change the perception of classical music by embracing technologies and engaging business in creative partnerships.” The app has been programmed by the  Altkom Software & Consulting.

Here is a direct weblink to ONSTAGE

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