Together with Veerle Spronck and Prof. Peter Peters, I presented first results of the academic research of the MCICM and future projects of the Institute at the Classical:NEXT in Rotterdam today.

Peter, Veerle, Stefan

Most importantly Peter asked the audience present to share their experiences and knowledge with the institute. The MCICM welcomes to receive information about all existing and ongoing research-projects that may be relevant for insights in the musical practice of the classical orchestra.

All parties interested were asked to get in contact with the MCICM via mail: mcicm-fasos(at)

The session ‘The researching Orchestra” was very well received. The majority of the participants was actually working for an orchestra. And all – yes, all of them – was positive about the input that scientific research can have for the development of the symphonic art.ClassicalNEXT Public

One interesting question came from Mark Pemberton from the Association of British Orchestras (ABO). He asked in which way the experiences and experiments of the chamber orchestras and smaller ensembles would be taken into account at the MCICM’s intended research. And whether the results the MCICM hopes to achieve shall be beneficials to symphony orchestras only.

My answer was, that the MCICM’s research programs would concentrate on the symphony orchestra, in the first place. The symphony orchestra as a laboratory. The term ‘symphony orchestra’ is however used in the broadest sense. It is meant as a term for an artistic collective out of which’s mid many different sizes of ensembles and activities can be developed. That way the symphonies activities include those that are often carried out by smaller ensembles today. In that way the results that MCICM intends to achieve will be relevant to the classical music world at large.


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