The German Association for Arts Management had invited to an international conference  to discuss issues of Leadership and Innovation. The conference took place in Hamburg from January 17 to 19, 2018.


The conference presented an international collection of speakers to present views and aspect on the subject from the scientific point of view. Along to that,  best practice examples of leadership and innovation from different art forms were presented. Speakers and panel members included Stefan Walter & Julian Stahl (Podium Esslingen/D), Simon Cavanah (Kaospilot/DK), Jan Zoet (Academy for Theatre and Dance, University of the Arts, Amsterdam/ NL), Birgit Mandel (University of Hildesheim/D)  and Andrea Hausmann (Institut für Kulturmanagement Ludwigsburg/D).


I was invited to present my vision of leadership from the perspective for the symphony orchestra. In my presentation I used the special approach of the South Netherlands Philharmonic. And I  gave an insight to the process the orchestra went through during the last years and my role as a leader. Happy to say that it was received very well. One comment by Christian Holst @the culture lab wrote: A good bet for the  the best presentation’ in 2018. Thank you.

The conference – to my surprise – had a really international flair. Key in that quality was the fact that the organizers allowed the Arts Management Student Conference to be held at the same time. The presence of the younger generations proved fruitful for the exchange of views in the session.

The next conference will take place from January 9 to 12, 2019 in Vienna/ Austria.

The 2018 conference can be followed on twitter .

Pickings of the conference can be expected on the organizers website within the next month or so.

Here is the link to the conference with more information.

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