An new production of Lucas van Woerkum’s “Symphonic Cinema” – we reported earlier about this initiative – will be premiered in Maastricht & Eindhoven by the philharmonie zuidnederland at the end of september 2017.

Ravel’s music Daphnis and Chloe will be given a new layer. Watch a first trailer here:

Whereas the original ballet script settles the story between the two lovers in a bucolic setting in ancient Greece, Lucas van Woerkum choose for a contemporary surrounding: His Chloe is blocked in her ability to show her love for Daphnis. And the movie shows how the two lovers finally get together. Lucas hopes that “a young public will recognize itself” through the mirror he holds up with the film. And as the setting of Symphonic Cinema allows the orchestra and it’s conductor to freely choose their tempi and interpretation the audience can get a special live-experience of  music-making on the highest level with a contemporary story line with intriguing images..

Chloé Foto

The philharmonie zuidnederland offers three opportunities to attend: On September 29 and 30, 2017 the orchestra will present Daphnis and Chloé, Symphonic Cinema with live music as part of a full evening program under the baton of Dmitri Liss.

On October 1st there will be a special afternoon-program in Eindhoven as part of the philharmonic’s “i-classics” series.  Dmitri Liss and Lucas van Woerkum will first introduce the audience to the music and the story, as well as their personal approach and reflections about the topic. Then the audience will see the film with live music performed by the orchestra.

More information about the shows and how to get tickets can be found here.

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