We reported earlier about Germany’s cultural minister Monika Grütters’ initiative to support orchestral innovation in Germany with substantial additional funding.

Today it was made public by the ministry that projects of 31 publicly funded orchestra’s were chosen for support of state money. The orchestra’s of Jena, Konstanz and Hamburg received more than one million Euro’s. Remarkably, no symphony orchestra of international allure – as f.e. the Bamberger, Berlin Philharmonic or Gewandhaus Leipzig have received any money.

The minister said that “due to restrained local budgets many orchestras do not have the necessary resources and leeway to walk new paths”. With her additional support Grütters will enable the orchestra’s to “further develop their artistic quality and value”. The minster said that most projects supported deal with “education, the chances of new media and digitalization as well as international cooperation.”

The minister also communicated, that the decision was based on the assessment by a jury, consisting of “among others”, Ilona Schmiel (Intendantin Tonhalle Orchestra Zürich), Martin Hoffmann (former Intendant of the Berlin Philharmonic) and Andreas Bausdorf (CEO Deutsche Orchesterstiftung).

For those who read German, here is a link to the  press-release.


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