The Classical:NEXT has build up a reputation in recent years to become one of the most important hot-spots in Europe to connect people worldwide who are looking for fresh ideas in classical music.

For the 2018 edition the conference is now collecting ideas for their Orchestral Innovation Project. Interested parties – and especially orchestra musicians –  are invited to send their ideas a for new concert format of about 30 minutes.

The project is set up in conjunction with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra that wants to further this idea and stimulate international dialogue with orchestra musicians from around the world on the subject of innovation in symphony orchestral performance. The orchestra asks: “How would you, orchestral musician, design a performance in an unusual, unexpected or immersive way? In what new way can a symphony orchestra in a large hall do things differently to ignite a 30-minute musical experience? It might be to use lighting and/or elements from other art forms (theatre/visual arts/dance, etc.) and/or new technology (online/hardware/software) and/or the senses (sight/touch/taste/smell)”.

Masa SpaanThe project has been set up in collaboration with Masa Spaan, one of the Netherlands foremost thinkers and developers of innovative projects for orchestra’s. Check out Masa’s profile here.

More information about the Orchestra Innovation Project can be found here.

The deadline for applications is september 29, 2017. Here is the direct link to the application.


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