The Deutsche Orchester Stiftung in Berlin has announced an award for “The Most Innovative Orchestra of the Year” (Innovatives Orchester des Jahres). Professional orchestra’s who work at least 32 weeks a season in Germany can apply.

With the award the foundation wants to give more publicity to the continuing search for renewal that is already taking place within the German orchestras sector. For the foundation, innovaBildschirmfoto 2017-04-27 um 15.54.07tion is „a strategic re-positioning of the orchestra – or it’s umbrella institution.“ And „successful innovations are characterized by new ideas and game-changing practices.“

The award is an unexpected initiative within a country that managed recently to get it’s orchestral landscape protected as ‘intangible cultural heritage’ by the UNESCO. And it’s even more remarkable once you realize that the major force behind the initiative are the musician’s unions in Germany led by it’s general secretary Gerald Mertens. For me, this only proves how diverse and rich the orchestral sector in Germany is until this day.

An international jury will choose the winner. It’s members are  Peter Ruzicka (chair) Susanne Litzelt, Christiane Tewinkel, Hans Reinhard Biere, Lawrence Langevoort, Alexander Meraviglia-Crivelli and Stefan Rosu.

I can only say: Go for it Germans! Here is your chance to change the image of the professional orchestra. Let the world see how innovative the professional orchestra’s can be in your country!

The award comes with a €5,000 purse. The deadline for applications is July 30, 2017.

Here is the direct link to apply:

More information about the foundation:



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