It seems an odd idea at first sight: To use your mobile phone in a concert to enhance the concert experience. Yet, it works for quite a substantial number of audience-members in the Netherlands. Many orchestras – including the orchestras in the Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and in the South actually use the app regularly.


The Wolfgang app provides information about the work while it’s performed. Audience members who want to use the app have to download it beforehand and switch the volume off. They will then receive test messages (white text on a black background) that do not disturb the neighbors more than reading the program book would. The system is operated by an on-site operator with a laptop sending the messages at the right moment.

“Wolfgang is an innovative application of mobile technology in the classical concert hall,” says it’s inventor Johan Idema. “It aims to enrich the live classical concert experience by providing the audience with real time explanation and narration. By doing so, Wolfgang can make classical music more approachable and increase audience engagement.”


Launched in late 2015 the app went international in late 2016: The Brussels Philharmonic was the first non-Dutch orchestra using the app. Followed by the DR orchestra in Copenhagen in may this year.

For more informations look at

The app can be downloaded for free at in itunes.






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