Gamers at Backstage Practicing

Two scientific research projects that deal with classical music have received significant funding in the Netherlands:  Both projects are carried out by a consortium of academic and cultural institutions.

Artful ParticipationDoing Artistic Research with Symphonic Music Audiences is a project of the University of Maastricht, Hogeschool Zuyd and the South Netherlands Philharmonic. The project will  investigate how the classical music experience can be enhanced through participation of the public  in an artistic relevant manner.

Ruth Benschop & Peter Peters 2017

Foto: The scientists behind Artful Participation: Dr. Ruth Benschop and Dr. Peter Peters 2017 at a dinner at the Mandalin Restaurant in Maastricht

GAMPSISS: Gameful Music Performances for Smart, Inclusive, and Sustainable Societies is a project by Codarts Rotterdam, the Technical University Delft and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. This project will explore whether the culture of listening can beimproved through gaming. The project team is lead by Micha Hamel. Consortium partners are various orchestras, chamber orchestras, publishers and promoters from the Netherlands.

IMG_3993 Ausschnitt Micha und Stefan korrigiert Kopie

Foto: Michael Hamel (left) and Stefan Rosu (right) celebrating the NWO grant in Amsterdam in March 2017.

Gampsiss and Artful Participation are both funded by the NWO, The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, within the NWO Call Smart Culture.

What is the NWO Call Smart Culture about?

The round Smart Culture – Arts and Culture is targeted at research into the arts, culture, heritage and media in relation to the creative industry. The aim is to make connections between concrete innovative art and cultural practices and more comprehensive academic and social issues.

The call intends to make a contribution to strengthening the ecosystem of the creative sector by financing joint research between universities and universities of applied sciences, based on the idea that fundamental and practice-oriented research can enhance each other.

Here is a link to the Call: NWO Call Smart Culture

Here is a link to the grants: Smart Culture: List of grants 2017

And finally, what is Artistic Research about?

The topic of artistic research is a relatively new form of achieving knowledge. “Artistic research means that the artist produces an art work and researches the creative process, thus adding to the accumulation of knowledge.’ (Hannula et al, 2005. p. 5.) Here is a link that provides more information about the topic: Hannula/ Suoranta/ Vadén: Artistic Research: Theory, Methods and Practice 2005

On this blog you will read about the activities and the results of these research projects in due time.

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