Starting point of this production – premiered in the season 2016-2017 – was the idea to bring dance and orchestral music together. What is the movement of the music? And what is the music of the dance? Can the orchestra become more ‘personal’ than usual? Can a big groep of musicians actually move while playing? And how can the dancers and the musicians interact?

The final ‘product’ is a 35 min show for 10 to 13 year old kids. It’s a story about a boy that has lost his heartbeat. He feels empty. But with the help of others he finds back his heartbeat – and the connection to the groep. 5 dancers, some 30 musicians, a conductor, a spoken word artist. Choreography: Stefan Ernst and Ronald Wintjens. Music from all centuries arranged for the occasion. And additional new work by composer Vanessa Lann.

Heartbeat has an enormous impact on the kids who watched. And it is a wonderful piece of innovative art as well.

Beneath you find a link to “The making of”  that production. You can see how dance company Project Sally, the South Netherlands Philharmonic and De Kunstbalie worked together in order to develop something new and exciting.

Don’t miss to watch the first approach between celliste Caroline Kerpestein and the dancers (2:37).


link to Project Sally: http://www.projectsally.nl/ps/pages/wat.php

link to Vanessa Lann:  http://www.lann.dds.nl



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