How can we make classical music – and especially symphonic music -more attractive for contemporary audiences? 

The classimg_8642ical symphony orchestra seems to be old-fashioned and worn out at the beginning of the 21st century. And although many young people actually like classical music and listen to it with pleasure – films and games – they are reluctant to attend live concerts together with their friends. Can we change that? And if so, how?

In recent years in many places world-wide musicians, managers and audiences have taken initiatives to bring new life to the world of the symphony orchestra. On this site you will read about them.

What can you do?

I hope, that this site can make a contribution to actually share knowledge, connect people and bring fresh blood to the sector. I appreciate your comments and contributions. Please react and send me your thoughts, recommendations and opinions to make this site a lively one.

Looking forward to read you!

Stefan Rosu

One thought on “Why I started this blog

  1. Hi Stefan,

    I can answer you in English, in German, of gewoon nederlands want we kennen mekaar! Leuk en goed dat je dit doet. Helemaal eens met jouw missie, ook mijn overetuiging. In mijn rol naar jullie probeer ik het Vriendenbestuur ook te overtuigen dat publiek er tegenwoordig heel anders in zit. Nieuwe wegen trekken ook de nieuwe doelgroepen aan! we praten in Eindhoven verder.


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